She just brought complaining, asking him for money, and talking about how life sucked. Being equally yoked means there is a relationship between two people that have similar things to offer each other and balance each other out. One person should not be leeching off the other.

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The benefits of letting go of unrea relationship dreams were reviewed. The partners were noted to have difficulty letting go of the unrealistic dreams for the relationship and were urged to work on this over the time between sessions. Tell Life Stories A. The partners were requested to tell their life stories. The partners told their life stories, and an emphasis on the predictabilities and continuities of their shared life was noted.

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It was interpreted to the partners that they are in significant agreement regarding how the depression and relationship problems are connected. Identify Depression Causes A. The client was asked to verbally identify the source of the depressed mood. The client listed several factors that he/she believes contribute to the hopelessness and sadness. Administer Standardized Testing A. Objective psychological testing was administered to the client to assess the depth of his/her depression and monitor suicide potential. Develop Crisis Plan A. A plan of action was developed with information about whom the client should call when hopeless feelings are becoming magnified.

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The client reported that his/her relationship with his/her partner has significantly improved and arguing has become very, very infrequent. Suggest Reading Materials Reading materials were suggested to the abused client. The abused client was encouraged to read The Verbally Abusive Relationship .

The partners were supported as they identified ways in which the adolescent’s behavior has tended to create arguments between the partners. The parents interpreted the adolescent as purposefully attempting to divide them and were provided with feedback about this pattern. The partner experiencing midlife transition difficulties was supported and encouraged as he/she identified the mismatch between life goals and accomplishments.

The partners were provided with factual information regarding the frequency, nature, and satisfaction of sexual encounters for others of their age in our culture. The partners were assisted in comparing the frequency, nature, and satisfaction of their sexual encounters to others of their age in our culture. The partners were noted to have a level of frequency, nature, and satisfaction regarding sexual encounters that corresponds to others of their age in our culture. The frequency, nature, and satisfaction of the partners’ sexual encounters do not correspond to that of others of their age in our culture, and this was reflected to them. Emphasize Positive, Nonsexual Aspects of Relationship A. The partners were asked to describe the positive, nonsexual aspects of their current relationship. Support and encouragement were provided as the partners reviewed the positive, nonsexual aspects of their current relationship.

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“The finest pork in Cuba.” She insists on showing me the grill, where whole pigs lie marinating. She presses a porcine sample on me, full of crackle and taste. It’s delectable, which is just as well, since there’s nothing else on the menu save the black bean–white rice combo known as Moros y Cristianos (“Moors and Christians”). At this point I detect, from the silver Star of David round her neck, that she is neither Moorish nor Christian but Sephardic. “Oh, yes,” she responds brightly.

The partners were asked to identify both general and specific types of behavior that are very difficult to change. The partners were supported as they identified a variety of specific and general types of behavior that are very difficult to change. The partners struggled to understand how some types of behavior are very difficult to change and were provided with additional feedback in this area.

The couple reported increased affirmation of positive aspects of work by both the stressed partner and the other partner; the benefits of this approach were reviewed. The partners have not affirmed positive aspects of work and were redirected to focus on this area. Explore Cognitions A. The stressed partner was assisted in exploring the cognitions that he/she uses that may lead to feelings of hopeless and helplessness. The stressed partner was asked to list his/her self-defeating thoughts.

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